Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Each booking is priced according to the event’s location and timings (ie, travel / setup / start / finish).

Prices quoted are usually based on a set up time:-

  • Weddings, not before 12noon and finishing no later than 6pm.
  • All other events, 6pm setup and finishing no later than midnight.

Early set up times and late finishes can incur an extra charge.

Please get in touch using the contact form below to receive a personalised quote within 24 hours.

Can you bring your own piano?

Yes. However, depending on your needs, you may wish to select from these alternative options:-

  1. If you/your venue has their own grand piano, or intend to hire one, I am happy to perform on this provided:-
    • it is in good playing condition and has recently been tuned
    • it has been moved into position by venue staff prior to the event
    I always carry a complete piano setup with me. Sleek and versatile, it looks and sounds like the real thing.
    Comprising the latest Ivory Touch weighted keybed from Roland® and incredible sound using a Bose® compact speaker array; all housed within my contemporary and innovative carbon fibre, baby grand piano body from the Netherlands… the only thing closer is a real grand piano!

    Click to see in action PHOTO | VIDEO

  3. I understand there are some occasions when only a proper grand piano will do. I work in partnership with a number of piano suppliers to provide these at minimal extra cost.
    Available in black or white.

Please mention your preferred option(s) when making your enquiry.
Contact me now using the form below to receive a personalised quote within 24 hours.

Do we need to feed the piano player?

When performing at an event, my working day is often 12 hours or more, so yes please!

Depending upon the event, my piano performances often coincide with guests’ eating and drinking opportunities, so it is not always possible for me to “join in with the buffet”. Therefore, I am happy to eat from the venues own menu, or be provided sandwiches.

The only thing I do ask is that you provide soft drinks and tea/coffee. For travel over two hours from London, hot food is required.

A fed pianist is a happy pianist, we perform better on a full stomach!

Where are you based? Do you travel to perform?

I am based just outside Kingston-Upon-Thames in Surrey, not far from SW London.

I travel nationwide and should think I’ve performed in most counties within the UK.
Further afield, over the last few years my work has taken me to The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia and the USA.

I was lucky enough to sail the globe aboard the iconic QE2 ocean liner, as a member of the house band on its 2004 World Cruise.

The furthest I have travelled to play for a private wedding reception was in 2013 – to New Delhi, India!

So yes, I will travel to perform for you and your event. Don’t delay, contact me today!

Can we make requests on the spot?

Yes. In fact, I insist!

I love receiving requests, the more the merrier. My most enjoyable performances always revolve around my audience. If you think of a tune, please come and ask; I’ll be happy to play it for you.

I’d like to book; is my date available?

Please contact me as soon as possible using the form below. Provide your date(s) and I will come straight back to you with a quote.

Even If I am unavailable on your date, I will try to help you find an entertainment solution for your event. Either way, It’s always worth getting in touch.

We’d like a larger group; do you only play solo?

I can provide anything from solo piano music, all the way up to 17-piece big band and everything in between. Some typical examples include:-

  • 2-piece;
    • – Jazz duo (piano and saxophone)
    • – Jazz vocal duo (piano and singer)
    • – Classical duo (piano and violin)
  • 3-piece;
    • – Jazz trio (piano, double bass and drums)
    • – Jazz/pop vocal trio (piano, double bass and singer)
  • 4 and 5-piece;
    • – Jazz quartet (piano, double bass, drums and saxophone)
    • – Jazz quintet (same as quartet above, plus singer)
  • 2-piece;
    • – Jazz duo (piano and saxophone)
    • – Jazz vocal duo (piano and singer)
    • – Classical duo (piano and violin)

I set up Play It Again Rich to help you find the best music for your event. Contact me today and secure the perfect musical backing to make your event sparkle.

Help! I’ve been let down at short notice…

I hear horror stories quite regularly about a couple’s friends and relatives agreeing to play music at their wedding, only to pull out a matter of days or weeks beforehand, “because they were out of practice”, “one of my strings has broken” or “I’m feeling too nervous about standing in front of all those people”.

This has not and will never happen with Play It Again Rich.

I have had calls two days before a wedding in the past; we managed to get some music fixed for the client. I can also do this for you, should the worst happen.

Contact me using the details above for a speedy reply.

Where can we hear you play?

Please take a listen to over 100 examples in many styles, on the Sounds and Events pages.

I also have a YouTube channel which I update with new videos about once a month.

Publicly, I perform at central London venues regularly, including the Hippodrome casino Leicester Square, Dorchester Hotel, Playboy Club and Caffe Concerto; as well as venues in and around SW London.

If there is something specific you are after or London is too far, we can meet over Skype to answer your musical questions.

Please get in touch regarding any of the above, and to request a quote, using the contact form below. You will receive a personal reply within 24 hours.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, and all my equipment is PAT tested. Current certificates available on request, please email for details.


07941 035968

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